About Department

The University of Delhi was established in 1922 and
with its establishment the Dept. of Persian was also setup. Although the Dept. of Persian has been functioning in the University since its establishment but it came into full existence in the University campus only in 1957 and at that time it was part of combined departments of Arabic, Persian and Urdu. The Dept. of Urdu was established as an independent dept. only in 1959. Later on the remaining departments too bifurcated into separate departments of Arabic and Persian in 1978.
With the establishment of the Dept. of Persian in the Faculty of Arts of the University and with the joining of Dr. S A H Abidi, a taste of research and literary activities was developed. Prof. Abidi had made a plan to prepare the history of Indo-Persian literature produced in India. Keeping the plan in mind he entrusted the topics of particular periods to the PhD scholars. It is a matter of great satisfaction that the dept has succeeded to some extent in its mission, and today the dept has to its credit more than 50 awarded PhDs.
After the introduction of M.Phil course in the University, about 26 dissertations have also been completed on significant topics. The literary and academic activities of the dept are not confined merely to teaching and learning of Persian language and literature. For exchange of views, periodical gatherings and meetings with distinguished academicians are arranged. The dept conducts a seminar once a week for the benefit of students. Apart from this, the dept also organizes seminars, conferences and workshops that provide a good opportunity for sharing views with different scholars of the field.

Awards and Recognitions